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Who We Are

Serious tone, timeless beauty

MBW Custom Drums began handcrafting custom drum sets and snares in 2009 with the mindset of quality not quantity. With over 20 years of experience in woodworking and custom finish work in a variety of mediums, we’re building custom drums that look nothing like anything anyone else has to offer. We’re not just about quality in the building of our drums. We’re also about quality relationships. Michael makes it a point to get to know his drummers as much as is possible. He hand-delivers them to his drummers and likes to take the time to see your band play when he can get there. It’s about partnering with you to build the custom drum set or snare you’ve been dreaming of. When someone comes up with a new and crazy-sounding idea for a drum, Michael’s answer is “How can I make this happen?”.

If you’re looking for someone to build a custom drum set or custom snare with you, not just for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Attention to detail

We create more than custom drums. We create hand crafted works of art.

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We use only the best components available and craft all of our custom drum sets and snares by hand in the USA.


Using our experience in wood working and custom finish work, we are building custom drums unlike anything on the market.


From the studio, to the club, to the arena, a wide open range of tuning and sustain that will fit any playing style or venue


We want you to be a part of every aspect of the build & to be there to take care of your next custom build and the rest to come!

USA Pride

It is more than a symbol. It is more than a catch phrase. It is a way of life.

Hand Crafted

Hand crafting your MBW Custom drum from the hightest quality materials available.

Featured Drums

Some our most unique snares and drum sets

Lion Snare

8″x14″ 20-ply Snare – custom woodburned Lions by Brett Sims. Vintage Maple base with walnut fade. Satin finish. Weathered black chrome hardware and mini-tube lugs. Trick strainer.
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Diamond Kit

8″x14″ 6 ply maple tom, 15″x16″ 6 ply maple tom, 16″x24″ 8 ply maple kick with re-rings and 4″ front hoop Full length chrome over brass tube lugs, extra thick steel single flange hoops, brushed satin hardware. Hand carved white and orange diamonds with hi-gloss metal flake finish with Heritage black vintage distressed lacquer finish. Inside the 4″ front hoop is finished with the same hi-gloss flake as the white diamonds.
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Sleeping Beauty Snare

We use an 1/8″ thick one-piece aluminum shell with all brass hardware featuring 2.5mm brass single-flange hoops and a hand-turned solid brass “beer tap” style throw. Our flagship snare is 6.5″ x 14″.
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Crackle Kit

9×12, 16×16, 18×22 maple Full length vintage tube lugs, die-cast hoops, Gauger RIMS Mounts MBW’s Signature vintage white distressed lacquer finish with crackle fade & weathered hardware.
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What people are saying about MBW Custom Drums.

Sanchez Fair

My snare drum is absolutely amazing, and I love the way it sounds. This drum is my primary snare because it fits every style from Jazz to Rock with the full, rich and thick tone it has.

Anthony Gravley, Anthony Gravley Music

We’ve been using 3 different MBW snare drums in my studio the past 2 weekends. They all SMOKE. Awesome tone and huge SMACK. I wish I could afford to have a shelf full of them!

Bobby Marant

Michael, thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you on creating a drum that is just for me. The snare is a monster, and it sounds great. I just got it dialed in the way I want it. Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to work with MBW Drums again.